Mattias Fredriksson is one of the most prolific adventure photographers of our time. For the past quarter-century he has travelled the globe with some of the world’s best skiers, mountain bikers and outdoor athletes on assignments for a vast array of editorial and commercial clients.

With a strong dedication to document real stories, Fredriksson combines his skills as a photographer and journalist like few others. Add in a farmer’s work ethic and passionate personality and the result is an impressive body of work combining the subtleties of natural light and motion in a potent mix of quiet alpine moments, intense action, and creative portraiture.

Like most Swede’s, Fredriksson started skiing almost as soon as he could walk. He was also mountain biking before he even knew it was a thing — riding his red, stripped-down cycle through the woods as a kid. His media career began at local newspapers, and after a few years ski-bumming in the mid-1990s he went on to study journalism before landing a job as editor and photographer at FunSport Media in Sweden’s capital, Stockholm. After working with the company’s ski, snowboard and mountain bike titles, Fredriksson moved on to the editorship of Åka Skidor, Sweden’s legendary national ski magazine. Having dabbled successfully in photography, he then decided to focus on it full-time as a freelancer, launching his international career as a content producer. From there it was a whirlwind rise to the top as his work appeared in the world’s top ski, bike, and outdoor magazines as well as global campaigns for commercial clients.

Fredriksson holds the honorary title of Senior Photographer at industry-leading Powder and Bike magazines, both based in the U.S. He remains a senior contributor at Åka Skidor and a senior photographer for Backcountry Magazine. In 2004 and 2015, he was invited to the Pro Photographer Showdown in Whistler. He also won that town’s Deep Summer Photo Challenge in 2009. Awarded Bike Magazine Photo of the Year in 2010, he has also been a finalist in the Red Bull Illume photo competition, won the Black and White Photo Awards in 2006, and has over 450 cover shots published worldwide.

Fredriksson is currently based in Terrace, B.C., Canada, where he lives with his partner Elle and their Siberian Husky Tikaani.

– written by long-time friend and world-renowned journalist Leslie Anthony